Alain Rondelli. San Francisco, CA. May 19 1996.
Q's. Boulder, CO. January 16 1997.
Aqua. San Francisco, CA. November 17 1997. Plus a report on The Sundays!
Vancouver, BC. July 2 1999. Lumiere, Bin 941, Diva, and more.
Renoir. Las Vegas, NV. April 25 2000. (full report, featuring Spades, Poker, other Vegas activity)
The Herbfarm. Bellevue, WA. June 23 2000. Plus my Seattle Dining Wrap-Up.
Gary Danko. San Francisco, CA. April 6 2001.
Aureole. Las Vegas, NV. April 25 2001. Plus random reviews on other Vegas food.
Charlie Trotter. Chicago, IL. July 22 2001. And a brief nod to Green Bay.
French Laundry. Yountville, CA. February 24 2002.
Aqua II. San Francisco, CA. April 6 2002. Plus a report on Nob Hill Spa. And: laymanese criticism of Margaret Cho!
Gary Danko II. San Francisco, CA. July 28 2002. Plus reports on Mamma Mia, Dry Creek Kitchen, Hotel Healdsburg, and more.
Masa's. San Francisco, CA. September 20 2002. Fin?
Manresa. Los Gatos, CA. October 3 2003. Honeycomb is forever.

Guest Reports

Are my friends paying homage, or taunting? And the difference would be what?

Four Queens Minitrip Food Appendix. Las Vegas, NV. September 18 2001. Written by Jim Geary.
Dirty Laundry. London, UK. March 25 2002. Written by "Judy."
Fancy Feast. Newark, CA. September 12 2002. Written by Ambrose.

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